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An Income Tax Comparison: Moving from Ontario to Florida


While many people are drawn to Florida for its endless sunshine and warm nights, when examining the tax environment between Canada and Florida, the argument in favor of moving south becomes even more compelling.

In this blog, we will examine the tax rates for a Canadian province (Ontario) and a sunshine state (Florida) from the perspective of someone resident for tax purposes in those places.  We will compare the tax rates and the income levels at which they kick in. Note that Ontarians who snowbird in Florida but maintain a closer connection to Canada would not get the lower U.S. rates and would continue to be subject to Ontario’s higher rates.

Also, as Florida has no state income tax, the numbers below for Florida are for Federal tax rates only while the numbers for Ontario combines Federal and Provincial tax rates and brackets.

Interest Income (Ordinary Income)

Canada and the United States both tax interest income at ordinary income rates. Canadian rates are generally much higher and kick in at lower income levels than do U.S. rates. The United States also has different income thresholds dependant upon on Filing Status, whereas Canada does not.

In addition, in the United States, it is possible to purchase municipal bonds that pay tax-free interest, however Canada does not have a comparable opportunity.

Canadian and Ontario integrated tax rates for 2018 are as follows:

2018 Taxable Income (CAD) Tax Rate
first $42,960 20.05%
over $42,960 up to $46,605 24.15%
over $46,605 up to $75,657 29.65%
over $75,657 up to $85,923 31.48%
over $85,923 up to $89,131 33.89%
over $89,131 up to $93,208 37.91%
over $93,208 up to $144,489 43.41%
over $144,489 up to $150,000 46.41%
over $150,000 up to $205,842 47.97%
over $205,842 up to $220,000 51.97%
over $220,000 53.53%

As there is no state income tax in Florida, the tax rates are the same as U.S. Federal tax rates as follows:

2018 Taxable Income (USD)
Single filers Married Filing Joint Married Filing Separate Head of Household Tax Rate
$0 – $9,525 $0 – $19,050 $0 – $9,525 $0 – $13,600 10%
$9,526 – $38,700 $19,051 – $77,400 $9,526 – $38,700 $13,601 – $51,800 12%
$38,701 – $82,500 $77,401 – $165,000 $38,701 – $82,500 $51,801 – $82,500 22%
$82,501 – $157,500 $165,001 – $315,000 $82,501 – $157,500 $82,501 – $157,500 24%
$157,501 – $200,000 $315,001 – $400,000 $157,501 – $200,000 $157,501 – $200,000 32%
$200,001 – $500,000 $400,001 – $600,000 $200,001 – $300,000 $200,001 – $500,000 35%
Above $500,000 Above $600,000 Above $300,000 Above $500,000 37%

With the passing of the American Taxpayer Relief Act in 2013, an additional 3.8 % surtax has been imposed on most forms of investment income, including interest, dividends, and most capital gains. This additional surtax is added when adjusted gross income exceeds a certain threshold. The threshold is $250,000 for married filing jointly, $125,000 for married filing separate, $200,000 for single, and $200,000 for head of household.

As shown above,, in Ontario, the maximum rate of 53.53% kicks in at an income of $220,000 Canadian dollars. In Florida, the top rate is only 40.8% (including the surtax) and does not kick in until income exceeds between $300,000 and $600,000 USD, depending on filing status.

Capital Gains

Canada includes 50% of the realized capital gain in taxable income. A resident of Ontario would therefore pay a maximum rate of 26.765%, equal to half of the maximum rate for Ordinary Income.

The U.S. capital gains rate depends on the type of asset being sold, the length of time that the asset has been held, and how much income you have earned. For investments held one year or less, capital gains are taxed as ordinary income, just like interest. For the sale of most types of investments held greater than one year, refer to the chart below. The 3.8% surtax may also be applicable, as discussed above. As such, the maximum rate would be 23.8%

Single Filers Joint Filers Tax Rate
Up to $51,699 Up to $77,199 0%
Up to $425,799 Up to $478,999 15%
Above $425,800 Above $479,000 20%

Capital Losses 


Canada allows capital losses to be utilized against capital gains in the current year. To the extent that there are no capital gains in the current year or the gains are not sufficient to offset the amount of capital losses, you can apply capital losses against any capital gains in the three prior years. Any unutilized losses can be carried forward and applied against future gains.

In the U.S., capital losses can also be used to offset capital gains in the current tax year.  To the extent that capital losses exceed capital gains, up to $3,000 USD (Married Joint), or $1,500 (Single or Married Filing Separate) can be used to reduce other taxable income. Any excess can be carried forward.


Canada provides a gross-up of certain Canadian dividends. In Ontario, the net tax rate on a Canadian eligible dividend would be as high as 39.34%, and the rate on a Canadian non-eligible dividend would be 46.85% (in 2018). Foreign dividends are taxed at ordinary rates.

In the United States, non-qualified dividends would be taxed at ordinary marginal income tax rates (as high as 40.8% including the surtax). Qualified dividends are taxed in a similar manner to long-term capital gains, as per the table above. As such, the maximum U.S. rate would be 23.8%. It is possible for foreign dividends to be treated as qualified dividends.

While a move from Ontario to Florida can be beneficial from an income tax standpoint, there are many other items that must be considered ahead of time including immigration, estate planning, health care and Canadian “departure tax.” If you are considering making the move to the U.S. from Canada, make sure you reach out to a qualified cross-border financial advisor that can assist you in making a smooth financial transition.

financial technology index – Tips on How to Maximize on This Investment

Abstract blur bokeh on blue background

More and more people have discovered the secret to financial stability through financial technology index. They have become more popular and continued to give investors the financial satisfaction that so many individuals yearn for. It is important that before you venture into this investment that you do some homework so that you can understand how they work and the different options available. These funds generally represent various types of commodities and it is advisable that you fully understand how they work. Among the most popular types of funds is the financial technology index.

Businesses and individuals are looking for an easy and quick answer to assist them with advances that may be confusing.

This type of financial generally invests in large cross sections stocks and securities. It basically invests in specific kinds of stocks that belong to a particular index in the stock market. It is set up in a way so that it can match one of the popular stock indexes returns. When you choose this fund as an investment option, your average expenses tend to be lower since it does not require a lot of management. This means that when you have less costs you automatically get more profits.

They can be easily managed by use of financial technology index and this means there is no use of a manager to pursue the trades constantly. If this is done under a manager it generates costs that are not necessary for index mutual funds.

The transactions that are carried out are mostly computerized and specific software is used to select the stock and match the return of the index. If the fund has a manager, running it will be easy for him or her. Due to this, the fund manager will charge a much lower fee in comparison to other kinds of investments.

Best Tips for Online Shopping in India


No matter where you live in India, you’ll find that there are online shopping deals which are geared towards your home country. When you discover the best tips for online shopping in India, you’ll be ready to make the most of your money. To help you save some cash, we want to share tips which are just for consumers in India!


Find Digital Coupons Online


Digital coupons are easy to find and many of them may be used at online retailers which cater to consumers from India. The best way to find them is to visit online coupon websites, which aggregate the best digital coupons and put them all in one convenient place.

However you find them, you’ll soon discover just how simple it is to add coupon codes to checkout areas at websites. Deals vary. Be sure to confirm the validity of coupons before you take the trouble to try and use them. Most will feature expiry dates.


Look for Flash Sales


If you have online retailers that you love, you should definitely become a fan or follower of these virtual storefronts on social media. When you do, you’ll get updates in your newsfeed(s) which allow you to find Flash Sales as soon as they are announced.


Lots of online retailers offer Flash Sales nowadays, which allow consumers to access exceptional deals…for a limited time only! Flash Sales typically offer very deep discounts and they are certainly a great way to save some cold, hard cash while shopping online. Bear in mind that you will need to act fast.


Visit Message Boards About Online Shopping


One last tip is to spend a little time at message boards where people from India meet in order to talk about online shopping. These avid online shoppers really stay in the loop when it comes to online deals and they share information about some of the best online savings in India.


Look for Great Deals Today


Don’t wait another minute to find awesome deals which are just for people in India. When you use our best tips for online shopping in India, you’ll be primed to save big. It’s really easy to find amazing deals, as long as you know where to look and how to look. So, why not get started right now?


Busuyi Guitar Double Neck, Double Sided Acoustic/Electric Launches on Kickstarter


LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – August 24, 2017 -Busuyi Guitar hopes to raise $3,000 to bring Double Sided Guitars to widespread consumer market.

Today The AG46 launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $300 for the early bird special, The AG46 is the first affordable double sided, double neck, acoustic/ electric guitar with dual controls and dual input.

The AG46 is the affordable double sided, double neck, acoustic/ electric guitar with sound quality that rivals its $15,000 custom made counterparts’ sound quality.  Ideal for everyday users and experts alike, it’s designed for anyone interested in owning and playing professional quality double neck  acoustic/ electric guitars. Whether performimg in an essemble, a band, or at a one man show, The AG46 can be used to enhance the quality of your guitar performance and wow your crowd.  The AG46 is ready to play out of the box. Simply plug in your guitar chord and start playing for your audience.

Isola Oluwabusuyi, Inventor of Double Sided Guitars, explains: “Professional Guitar players are no longer focusing on playing only one type of guitar, but up till now the available options are either too costly, bulky, heavy, or simply too ugly for most guitar players. We’ve designed The AG46 to be easily accessible with a compact, portable size that can easily fit into any essemble. For the first time, guitarists can carry on 2 guitars on their flight without paying extra fees. They can avoid the risk of having their $3,500 Taylor guitar destroyed during transportation by the likes of United.  After years of developing AG46 to provide an enjoyable user experience, we can’t wait to share it with the Kickstarter community and have them help nurture this unique technology with us”.


“The AG46 is  compact and lightweight. Similarly it’s very rich in sound quality. A former Ovation double neck owner and player claimed on YouTube that his AG612 sounds much better than the more expensive Ovation CSE225; he owned and played for several years.


Double Heads Guitar
41 inch cutaway Acoustic Guitar + 090 bass
Neck: Divergent
Top: Spruce plywood
Side/ backboard: sapele plywood
Fingerboard: blackwood
Headstock: Okoume
Neck: Sapele colour, matt finish
Bridge: Blackwood
Soundhole Rosette: two flower cirles
Binding: Black ABS binding
Frets: white
Bass guitar turning Pegs: chrome
Acoustic guitar turning Pegs: chrome
Finial: chrome steel
Guitar Pickup: With 4-band EQ

You can back The AG46 on their Kickstarter page now; starting at $300 for the  Early Bird adopters. The AG46 is designed for assembly and production in the USA.

Editor’s notes:

For more information, please visit The AG46 website here and Busuyi Guitar’s website here.

About Busuyi Guitar:

Busuyi Guitar is a startup based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Founders Isola Oluwabusuyi, International Business Ph.D. and co-founder Ruth Haule, a medical doctor, lead the team. As passionate entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience in music production, song writing, singing, and string instruments, they joined forces with a vision to redefine the world of guitar playing. They wanted to make guitars with great consideration for sound quality, simplicity and sustainability. With a laundry list of innovations they wanted to make, the two entrepreneurs got to work, building the first double sided guitar that could be widely adopted by the consumer market.

PR Contact:
Twitter: @busuyiguitar
Skype: isola.oluwabusuyi

Media Contact
Company Name: Busuyi Guitars
Contact Person: Dr. Isola O. Busuyi
Email: Send Email
Phone: 404-994-2260
City: Lawrenceville
State: GA
Country: United States

Starting the Credit Repair Process



Are you looking for a way to repair your credit?  You are not alone.  Many people have been hard hit in recent times, and now are searching for ways to restore their damaged credit ratings.  Thankfully, there are organizations that can help you get back on track financially.  It’s important to realize that bad credit cannot be restored overnight.  However, there are some tips that can help you achieve your goal of having good credit.


Poor Credit Can Hinder You in Many Circumstances


Poor credit can be a hindrance in many ways.  People with poor credit will find it difficult to get any kind of loan, and if they do manage to get one you will pay a higher interest rate.  An increased number of employers are running credit reports as a way of eliminating job prospects they deem as being irresponsible.  It can also be difficult to rent an apartment, as for most landlords a credit check is standard procedure.


However you feel about your credit worthiness, it is a fact of life that you will be judged in different situations by your credit rating.  There is no need to lose hope, though.  Even those who have declared bankruptcy or have had foreclosures have been able to rebuild their credit and enjoy the benefits.  No matter what phase of credit repair you are in right now, there are three things you must do:


  1. Go on a budget. There is free information online and in your local library on how to set up and stay on a budget. Having a budget is vital.  You will be able to plan ahead as well as see areas that you can cut back on.


  1. Obtain copies of your credit reports. There are three bureaus that report on your credit, and you can get free copies once a year. Make sure everything on the reports is correct and up-to-date.  You would be surprised to know how many people have poor credit because of incorrect information on their credit report.


  1. Do not apply for any new credit cards. Some people try to do the transfer balance dance, but in the end it does not work. You need to stop putting off the inevitable, and begin paying down what you currently owe.  Also, the more times you attempt to open a line of credit, the lower your credit rating goes.


The Rewards Are Worth It


Make it a habit to pay all your bills on time.  If you cannot pay them in full, then call your creditor and see if a payment plan can be arranged.  Cut down on things like cable television, eating out and any other extraneous spending.  With a budget, it will be easy to see the unimportant things you are spending money on.


Sometimes you can get discouraged because the process appears to be taking too long.  It’s important that you stick to it.  No matter how poor your credit is, it is possible to restore it, and it will be worth it when you do.  Your financial life will be easier when you have good credit.  And if you have children, you will be teaching them the importance of responsibility and perseverance.

Getting Cheaper Exchange Rates For Sending Money


Getting a good exchange rate for your currency isn’t easy. But with the age of the internet you can now compare many different services to see who can offer you the best rate today. People sometimes don’t think it is important, but if you are sending large sums of money abroad then even just a tiny percent gained in the rate can lead to huge savings on your transaction when you send.


This is appealing to people who own properties abroad, and need money in their foreign bank to pay for bills, and maybe mortgage payments. It can also appeal to those who send money to family if they are working abroad. Businesses can benefit also, by saving on invoice payments to overseas services.


In addition, when you choose a specialist service that only deals in currency exchange then you can often send that money commission free. This happens because they make their money from the spread or difference on the actual market rate, to the rate they charge you. You will find that it is a whole lot smaller than the fees a bank would charge you.


There are many comparison sites these days if you are looking to transfer money abroad. They are easy to use and really give you a good idea on what you can save, without having to visit each site individually and request a quote. That is the old fashioned way, and is very time consuming. Don’t be scared thinking that these comparison sites will take money from you, because they don’t! The service pays a rebate to the site from their own profit. The rate you get is the rate others will get, it will cost you nothing extra.


So next time you are going to send some money abroad, take some time and find yourself a proper service that is dedicated to currency. It only takes 5 minutes to open an account, and soon you will be sending money transfers cheaper than it would be with Paypal, your bank, or anywhere else.

Tough Job Interview Questions You Need to Know about

Everyone passes through such phase where they have to sit in front of the interviewers who asks some sort of questions, usually which is called as the job the interview. Whether you are interviewing for the newly opened vertical position or for the internal job position by your current employer, there are a number of standard interview questions to be answered by all candidates.  The whole interview process is a generic question which is “Why should we hire you?” and the job seekers are supposed to answer this question confidently.  Another thing to consider is questions to ask a recruiter during interview.

Every kind of question is this whole process is an attempt to gather information to inform the interviewers about the hiring decision. Some of the interviewers will also specifically ask you some of the following questions to make your case…

  • Why should we hire you?
  • What makes you the best for this job?
  • What would you bring to the position?

A concise summary must be prepared by you in order to close the deal on the job offer and to convince the employers to select you for the job. Whether the interviewer asks such questions or not, you must be prepared and must deliver such confident answers regarding this so that they can make a clear vision about you.

The reason behind this question?

The employers or interviewer’s job is to hire or select the person from the number of candidates who are best and qualified for the job specified. So, they make sure that the candidate which they are going to select should be more than qualified and especially when the job or company is working in a competitive market. When the company is hiring an employee, it is at risk. The interviewer takes this risk and his job remains at stake as he is the one to appoint a new member of a team and as we know there are two sides of an image. If the newly appointed employee works well and stands with the team, then the interviewer is appreciated by the higher authorities and if he/she doesn’t do well in any case then the interviewer’s professional reputation suffers in such case.

By answering the following, to interviewer’s such questions you can clear yourself in their view…

  • You can do such work which is the requirement for this job.
  • You are adaptive to the environment and can work with the new team quite effectively.
  • You are loaded with skills and experience which makes you unique.
  • By hiring you for the job, they will not regret at all.

How should you react and answer such questions?

Your answer should be summarized with the top reasons that why should they hire you for the job. This is an opportunity for you to present your impressive strengths to make yourself prominent. You can include main points like industry experience, soft skills, technical skills, education, and training etc. Moreover, you can mention your accomplishments as well because they can create a good image of yours in front of them.

There are a number of mistakes as well which candidates often do, is the lack of preparation, modesty or too much talkative, being too general. Such mistakes should be avoided to great a nice image in interviewer’s notebook.

Business Finance Training and Effective Business Solutions

Business finance training refers to programs that teach individuals how to handle various financial duties. Finance training is similar to finance tips in that both help business owners make better monetary decisions, but training programs offer a more detailed explanation of finance strategies. Training programs vary in price and can be used by the owners and employees of a business.

The most basic business finance training provide information on budgeting, preparing financial statements, managing cash flow, strategizing, forecasting, improving performance, and applying basic procedures and concepts to more effectively manage a business. These programs are recommended for new business owners to help them understand standard business practices. Once these basic methods are mastered, more specific financial training may be looked into.

Advanced business finance training delves more deeply into a certain financial procedure or concept, usually at a higher cost than basic programs. Advanced programs may teach business owners how to set up effective business models, make decisions based on quantitative analysis, manage and control accounts, practice due diligence, measure productivity, and strategize concerning mergers and acquisitions.

Taking part in any kind of business finance training gives a business owner the resources to make more intelligent business decisions that result in increased productivity and profits. Many different types of courses are available either online or at a specified location. Some programs may even offer the option to train at the business. Taking into consideration the needs and abilities of a business is the key to finding the best business finance training.

A business finance solution generally refers to methods of funding and maintaining the finances of a business. Most solutions involve ways of obtaining working capital, but others also offer ways of protecting and increasing that capital.

To obtain working capital, business owners look to finance solutions that offer funding by several different means. The most common means are loans and financing. Asset-based loans use a business’s assets, such as inventory and equipment, as collateral. A business may also opt for a property loan in order to acquire commercial space. Invoice financing, such as factoring, involves liquidating or selling a business’s accounts receivables in exchange for quick funding. Some businesses look to trade financing to supply their inventory. The business will tell its financer the amount and cost of goods needed, and the financer will pay for the goods. The business then repays the amount financed over a specified period of time.

Most companies that provide business finance solutions also offer ways to protect and increase a business’s capital. Credit protection safeguards a business from daily risks, such as customers not paying on time, so that the business does not suffer incredible losses. This makes it much easier for the business to borrow money in the future, and it protects the balance sheet. A finance solution may also offer business insurance plans that increase the stability of a business. The most common types of business insurance are employee and public liability, car, property, and health insurance. These business finance solutions are designed to protect businesses against potential losses.

Cheap Personal Finance With Newly Equipped Benefits

From decade to decade, cheap personal finance has been providing monetary support to every sort of people. It advances amount to fulfil every small or sizable personal demands to the applicants. Cheap personal finance allocate amount that borrowers are looking for, to materialize their wishes in a trouble free or easy way. Cheap personal finance is classified into secured and unsecured form. If applicants have property to place for the loan, secured cheap personal finance is offered. For people without property like tenants and non-homeowners, unsecured option is designed. The unsecured option can be obtained by persons who are unwilling to place collateral against the loan.

The amount that you can borrow in cheap personal finance starts from £ 5,000 to £75,000. The repayment period of cheap personal finance is from 5 to 25 years. Finance cheap personal scheme allow even the bad credit holders to obtain loan and execute their demand after proper documentation. So, bad creditors should furnish credit and personal details precisely.

Cheap personal finance has cut down its prior rate of interest and offer fresh rates which every person will find affordable. The interest rates vary from lender to lender in the competitive market. So, applicants can take the advantage of this competitive atmosphere and spot a marginal rate which suits his repayment ability.

The application procedure of cheap personal finance has gone through many phases and has become faster and easier than before, with the adoption of online device. Approving of cheap personal finance through online method will help to get loan in instant and also it is the most well-liked application process.

The borrowers can supervise various demands in a single amount with cheap personal finance. They can purchase cars, consolidate debts, go for holidays, renovate house, weddings and higher education are some preferred ends which can easily be fulfilled with cheap personal finance.

Finding the Right Business Finance Solution After Business Failure

There are thousands of people that start new businesses each year. In fact the United Kingdom is a nation of small businesses, especially within the financial services sector, but of the many businesses that are set up only a small percentage are still in existence after a period of five years.

The fact is that running a small business can be hard work especially in finding the right market, getting and keeping the right staff, finding good suppliers at good prices, and also marketing your product or service effectively. The good thing is that not all businesses fail, but that they survive!

But if your business has hit the rocks do not despair because you are not alone. Ensure that there is nothing that can be done to save it. Take advice from business finance advisers – you could find them in your local phone directory or on the web, and some may provide initial advice at no cost – to see if their expertise can help you get the business up and running again. It’s important to explore all the options before you admit defeat.

If you are convinced that nothing is possible to save your business you might need to look for methods for raising cash. If you’re a director of the limited company your liability will be limited by law, however, you should seek the opinion of a professional such as a lawyer or chartered accountant who is able to inform you exactly where you stand. If you are a sole trader or you have raised money with your property as security, you may need to think about other methods of paying back what you owe.

Business Finance experts guarantees a solution tailored to your specific situation. You can sell your house with the best house selling scheme and once your property is sold you can stay in it and the proceeds from the house sale can be used to pay off, or help to pay off, your business debt. Whatever you decide, explore all the options and take professional advice because the decisions you make now will have a long term affect on you, your business, and your family.